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Alarm Clock Hidden Camera Wireless Color Spy Camera

Alarm Clock Hidden Camera Wireless Color Spy Camera

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This Sony Wireless Hidden Color Camera Alarm Clock Radio is a perfect match for most home and office settings. No one will suspect that this sophisticated piece actually houses a quality ultra high resolution CMOS color wireless hidden camera. With the fully integrated hidden components, you can easily relocate the Alarm Clock Radio Hidden Camera from place to place giving you a quality advanced portable video surveillance system.

This SONY Alarm Clock Radio Spy Camera is equipped with a 2.4GHz wireless camera and transmitter. It provides better quality picture and strength of wireless signal than the older 1.2GHZ models. It transmits live video and audio signal up to 300 Feet away through walls to a perfectly matching receiver that connects to a TV & VCR for recording. The camera is professionally and covertly installed, powered by the incoming power to the Alarm Clock. This CCTV camera security system is one of the best on the market today!! The alarm clock itself, completely functions as a normal alarm clock, including the alarm, and radio.

Camera with both audio and video
2.4 Gigahertz
420 Lines of Resolution
Color Model, 0.2 Lux
67 degree viewing angle
Output Power: 200mW

Power Supply and Perfectly Matched Receiver Included Plug N Play Video Cable for the Receiver (RCA-Style)
Connect multiple receivers to the hidden camera
Manufacturers Warranty Included.
This SONY Alarm Clock Radio with High Resolution Color Wireless Hidden Camera is the preferred hidden wireless system. The small size and discreet look blends seamlessly into most home and office settings. To operate, simply plug the SONY Wireless Hidden Color Camera Alarm Clock Radio into any standard wall outlet. We've already integrated the sophisticated camera and wireless transmitter into the SONY Alarm Clock Radio. To watch and videotape any subject, simply attached the included matching wireless receiver to your TV & VCR. The package includes all power cords and RCA cords required to connect this FCC Legal 2.4GHZ wireless camera to a recording device. This complete system certainly adds peace of mind and ease of operation!

You may connect multiple receivers to this hidden camera. The cameras can be set to 4 different frequencies. There are small toggle switches on the back of the camera you can use to adjust the frequency. You will need to adjust the receiver for the proper frequency (slightly different frequency)

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